'I survived suicide, but my own mother reported me to the police'

PETALING JAYA - Disturbed and severely depressed, a 32-year old woman slit her wrist, then tried stabbing herself in the chest "just to be sure".

However, her ordeal got worse and she experienced further humiliation when her own mother reported her suicide to the police.

Alia (not her real name), the third child in a family of five daughters, was often neglected by her parents and singled out her mother as the cause of her depression.

She resorted to suicide as she felt that it was the "only way out".

"Though I had two elder sisters, I always was the 'responsible one' and had to look after my younger siblings all the time.

"My parents had a rocky relationship as I was growing up and soon after I turned 16, they divorced," she said.

She described the situation that followed as "hell breaking loose" as her life went steeply downhill after that.

"My mother brought many men home, but despite that, I felt obliged to take care of her once I started working," said Alia, who has a business management degree.

Alia said that she only started pursing a degree after she started working as her mother refused to pay for her education and she did not want to ask her father for money.

"Once I started the career I studied for, I found a job in Singapore and my life was all about my work and my mother.

"Even when I met someone I really liked, my mother refused to let me marry - and I know it was because she was afraid to be alone," said Alia, holding back a tear.

She explained that there was so much pain in her life and she just decided one day to put the kitchen knife "to good use".

She survived the ordeal only because some neighbours saw her and rushed her to the hospital.

"I woke up to my dad in the hospital, who then said I could stay with him and his family.

"However, my mother took matters into her hands and reported me to the police, and my father had to go through a lot of trouble to sort things out with authorities," she said.

Alia said that she has not spoken to her since, but confessed that mention of her mother often depresses her and possibly push her towards attempting suicide again.

"If something is bothering you, face it. If you cannot do so, seek help. I have learnt that talking to someone alleviates a large part of the pain and I hope for others in my position to do the same," she added.


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