'I was kidnapped and beaten'

Mr Ng Mun Tatt, 21, said his kidnappers wrote 'Saya hina agama Islam' (I insulted Islam) on his body to stop him from escaping.

MALAYSIA - At first, it was believed that his kidnapping was linked to a Facebook posting about religion.

But Mr Ng Mun Tatt, 21, who is unemployed, said the kidnapping was all for money, The Star reported. Mr Ng said his abductors had not mentioned a word about him insulting the religion, nor had he made any such posting.

"I do have a Facebook account but the only post I made was about my haircut," Mr Ng said at a press conference in Klang on Wednesday.

He added that he was not very well versed in either English or Malay.

News reports said Mr Ng was abducted and had graffiti written on his body in retaliation against the offensive Facebook posting.

He said he was blindfolded during the five-hour ordeal and did not know where he was taken or who his abductors were.

He said: "It was not about any (Facebook) posting. They (kidnappers) only wanted money and wrote Saya Hina Agama Islam (I insulted Islam) on my body because they did not want me to escape while I was in their custody.

"They said that I will be beaten up by any Muslim if I planned to get away."

Mr Ng's ordeal began when he was having drinks with his girlfriend and another friend at a stop in Shah Alam, Selangor, at 4.30am on Monday, liberal news portal Malaysian Insider reported.

He said: "Two men approached me. One whispered in my ear asking me if I was 'Ah Kiong', while the other guy told my friend and my girlfriend to keep quiet and remain seated.

"Without waiting for my answer, he pulled me by my shirt and dragged me to a waiting car."

He said there were four men inside the silver Proton Saga. Mr Ng claimed he was beaten, blindfolded and taken to an apartment.


"I didn't know where I was. They took my ATM card and demanded the PIN," said Mr Ng, adding that they continued beating him when he could not remember the PIN.

He said they called his brother-in-law and demanded RM5,000 (S$2,000) for his release.

He was then taken to an estate where he was stripped naked, forced to sniff glue and the words were written on his body.

Said Mr Ng, who was badly bruised: "I was high, but after a while when I heard no noise, I took the blindfold off and saw about seven men all looking high. It was also bright then and I escaped."

He said he found himself on the Duke highway and a motorcyclist helped call the police.

He claimed that he was so dehydrated he had to drink water from a drain.

Mr Ng's brother-in law, Mak Nui Weng, 28, said he managed to deposit RM3,000 into Mr Ng's account. Mr Mak said the abductors withdrew the money.

Shah Alam Assistant Commissioner of Police Zahedi Ayob said investigations are ongoing.