I won an iPad mini? Really

I won an iPad mini? Really

SINGAPORE - She didn't believe she was a winner until she actually held the prize - an iPad mini - in her hands.

Mrs Winnie Lim, 39, a motor claims assistant who won the gadget in the TNP Bonus Challenge on Sunday, was sceptical even after re-checking the winning numbers on her card.

She said: "I thought to myself that I can't be that lucky. I've never won anything before. Every year, I attend my company's dinner-and-dance hoping to win something in the lucky draw, but the only thing I get to take home is the door gift."

Mrs Lim, her family - husband, two sons, 17 and 19, daughter, 11 - and her maid, are big fans of The New Paper.

Said Mrs Lim: "I started buying TNP in 2000 for my sons to read so that they could improve their English. They didn't like reading storybooks, so I thought news would interest them more."

Said Mrs Lim: "Even if I didn't win the contest, I will still continue to buy TNP everyday because it is a paper that my family must read daily. My husband enjoys the sports news, while my children and I find the news stories interesting."

Mrs Lim, who lives in Jurong East, took a cab to *Scape on Sunday evening to collect her prize.

When interviewed on Sunday evening, Mrs Lim had not yet told her husband about the win. She was waiting for him to return home from work.

She said, chuckling: "He won't believe me. He is going to say I bought the iPad mini instead."

Bonus card every Monday

Pick up a TNP Bonus Challenge Card with every Monday's copy of TNP and check the numbers on the card against the six numbers published each day from Tuesday to Sunday for a chance to win.

If you match a vertical column of numbers, go to the collection centre at Level 2 of the *Scape mall atrium with the newspaper clippings of the numbers and your Challenge Card.

There, answer the question found at the bottom of the vertical column. The answers can be found in TNP's Bonus write-up every Tuesday.

You must claim your prize on the same day you complete the vertical column or it will be forfeited.

A daily prize of $1,000, an iPad mini or an Xbox Kinect is up for grabs till Sept 8. From Sept 9 to Oct 3, there will be $500 to be won daily.

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