ICA officer caught on video shouting at motorcyclist at Woodlands Checkpoint

SINGAPORE - A uniformed officer has been filmed shouting and gesturing angrily at a motorcyclist at the Woodlands Checkpoint.

In a video shared on Facebook page Roads.sg, the officer can be seen shouting at a motorcyclist, telling him to apologise and indicated that the barrier would not be lifted unless he did so.

While it is unclear why the officer got so worked up, he can be heard saying that the motorcyclist had thrown something at him.

His colleague then asks the motorcyclist for his passport and when there was no response, the officer said: "Eh, give la, don't understand ah?"

Heated argument at Singapore customs. Cause of argument is unknown. Source: Mr. Secret

Posted by ROADS.sg on Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Another motorcyclist tries to intervene but the officer said: "Not your problem (sic)...I'm talking to him".

In a statement on Friday night (May 13), the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) confirmed that the officer in the video was from the ICA.

The authority said that the incident had occurred at about 7pm on May 10, adding that it was investigating the matter.

"As Singapore's front-line ambassadors, our officers are constantly reminded to be professional when discharging their duties. At the same time, ICA seeks the co-operation of all travellers to comply with the instructions of our officers at the checkpoints," ICA said.

The video on Roads.sg has been shared 199 times since it was uploaded on May 11.

Last November, a uniformed officer from Land Transport Authority was also filmed fighting with an Uber driver at Bugis Junction.

Both the officer and the driver were charged in court in April this year.