Illegal to rent home or room for short stays

More and more holidaymakers around the world are using Internet booking sites to stay in homes instead of hotels, including in Singapore.

But this is illegal here, said the authorities. Renting out a room or a whole unit short-term is in breach of private and public housing rules, and home owners can face tough penalties if they are caught doing so.

The Housing Board said it investigated 106 cases of short-term leasing last year, and this year, 73 cases up to July. The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) said it found about 1,800 cases last year of unauthorised private home use, including short-term stays.

Both HDB and URA said short-term leasing is banned as it might disturb and inconvenience others in residential estates. But if the stays do not involve money, the owners are not breaching the rules.

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