Impose 'drought rate' to spur water conservation

Impose 'drought rate' to spur water conservation

In its reply ("How PUB promotes water conservation"; last Saturday), national water agency PUB cited its numerous comprehensive initiatives to promote water conservation.

The recent dry spell, which underscored the importance of making every drop count, did not lead to any appreciable decrease in water consumption. This is indeed alarming.

Perhaps the authorities could consider revising the water rate substantially to encourage heavy users to be more responsible.

A short-term solution would be to effect a "drought rate" for water charges, so that as soon as a drought is declared, the cost of water would be tripled.

Conservation journeys are never ending. Such endeavours must be continually encouraged and taken on by others who believe in the cause.

Chia Wai Chon, Operations Manager, Singapore Plumbing Society

This article was published on April 2 in The Straits Times.

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