Increase in crime cases in 2014 largely due to commercial crimes: Report

SINGAPORE - There was a general increase in crime cases in 2014 largely due to a rise in commercial crime, according to an annual report released by the Singapore Police Force today (Dec 31). 

Entitled the SPF Annual 2014, the report compiles specific crime rates as well as general trends.

The general crime rate increased from 29,984 in 2013 to 32,315 in 2014. This can generally be attributed to the 44.1 per cent increase in commercial crimes.

Commercial crimes mainly involve cheating and related offences.

The report notes that this is likely due to an increase in the number of internet users falling prey to scammers.

"Credit-for-Sex Scam" was a new type of scam in 2014 with 66 reported cases and at least $118,000 lost to the scams.

However, the report also added that housebreaking, snatch theft and robbery were the lowest in 20 years.