Indian teen killed by mum after trying to elope

KASHIPUR, INDIA - A woman killed her teenage daughter with the help of two of her sons, and buried the girl in their home's courtyard. The girl had tried to elope with her lover, but was caught and killed.

Police have arrested the woman, Bhoori, and one of her sons, while the other is still at large.

The dead girl, Sahiba, 18, was reported missing on March 4.

When her younger siblings asked about the matter, their mother told them she had eloped with a boy whom she loved.

But Sahiba's sister Sabana, 16, got suspicious and when her mother left for her grandparents' house on Saturday, she decided to dig at a spot in the courtyard of the house where Bhoori had lit an incense stick every day since Sahiba went missing.

A foul smell was also spreading across the home.

When Sabana dug up the spot, the stench became unbearable and she spotted the severed limb of her sister. She rushed to report the matter to the police.

The police arrested Bhoori and one of her sons, who admitted to killing Sahiba to protect their family's honour.

Sahiba had eloped with her lover on March 4, as the family was against the relationship. But her brothers came to know about it and caught her near a railway station.

They brought her home and killed her with the help of their mother. The girl was hit with iron rods and throttled to death. Sahiba's sisters were not home at the time.