Indonesian police to not pursue Australian website hackers just yet

INDONESIA - The National Police has not decided to launch an investigation into scores of Australian-based websites that were allegedly defaced by Indonesian hackers, a police official has said.

The police's Information Technology and Cyber Crime sub-division head, Sr. Comr. Rachmad Wibowo, said in Jakarta on Tuesday that the investigation would only be conducted if the website's owners filed reports with the National Police.

"The damages occurred in Australia and we have not received any confirmation that Indonesian hackers are responsible. We are not pursuing the case because no one has reported anything," Rachmad said in a telephone interview.

The hackers, grouped under Anonymous Indonesia, claimed they had defaced more than 100 Australian sites to protest Australia's alleged role in US-led spying activities in Indonesia.

On the defaced sites, the hackers put messages reading "Stop spying on Indonesia" and "Tell on your government, stop illegal spying to Indonesia".

While the government has discouraged the hacking activities, House of Representatives deputy speaker Priyo Budi Santoso and a senior official at the Youth and Sports Ministry have thrown their support behind the hackers.