Iron Dad and son bond over cosplay

SINGAPORE - Like many families, business executive Terry Cheng (not his real name) heads to parks or shopping malls to spend quality time with his six-year-old son, Junwen.

But whenever the opportunity arises, the father-and-son duo don matching Iron Man outfits to attend cosplay events.

Mr Cheng, who is in his mid-30s, told My Paper that he was inspired to cosplay last year after chancing upon an Iron Man cosplay outfit which impressed him.

The duo took about three months to finish making an Iron Man suit from scratch, using foam and other materials, including light-emitting-diode light bulbs for the eyes.

They have since completed three suits.

Mr Cheng said: "We're creating extraordinary memories together that will last a lifetime."

Earlier this month, Cosfest, Singapore's largest cosplay convention, welcomed parent-child cosplay duos among the usual cosplaying youth.

In 2011, Fei Yue Community Services organised a one-off inter-generational cosplay contest that provided families with a new way to bond.

Mr Sammy How, assistant manager of the elder-education department at Fei Yue Community Services' Family Central, said: "(Youth) will no longer see their grandparents as useless and timid...(and will) feel accepted when their family members try to find out more about cosplay."

The Science Centre Singapore (SCS) will host an event called Singapore Mini Maker Faire this weekend at *Scape where people of all ages can showcase their do-it-yourself projects, including cosplay outfits.

SCS' chief executive, Professor Lim Tit Meng, said: "In today's fast-paced (society), making and doing things together (as with cosplay) takes your hands off smartphones.

"It gives you some real quality time with your family."

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