Isetan issues apology over security guard who shouted at shopper

Isetan has issued a response regarding the security guard who was seen shouting at a female shopper who apparently needed to buy something from the department store.

In a video of the incident, the guard can be heard saying in Mandarin that he did not care what she wanted to buy, who she was or what she was studying, all the while shouting at her to leave.

Said Isetan in response to a customer on its Facebook page:

"Dear valued customer, we fully agree that the treatment of the young lady customer who is trying to enter the store during its closing time by the uniform security guard is totally unacceptable.

"We want to express our sincere apologies to her.

"We have brought this incident to the attention of our store's security management company, and we are investigating the matter. We do not condone such bad and improper service at Isetan. We deeply appreciate your comments about this incident.

"This statement is by the Public Relations Manager of Isetan (S) Limited."

Some netizens however felt that the security guard was simply doing his job.

Said a Facebook user: "Isetan Singapore, I hope you can be fair to your security guard since he is also a human doing his job and as a security (guard), he need to be strict.

"It is very obvious the young lady is very stubborn as the shutter has been pulled down. I don't think he is wrong at the first place by doing his job. Pls don't fire him just because of pressures from social media. Customer is not always right."

Commented another netizen:

"You might think you are giving them business. Hello. Even if they (security guards) work slightly over their work hours, they won't get overtime pay and the money just goes to the business.

"Unless you, the customer, are willing to tip every single one of the staff there for the delay that you caused to all of them for your own selfish needs."

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UPDATE: Isetan has offered an apology for the treatment of the young female customer. See the article here:"This rude security guard didn't even listen to this poor girl's explanations. She said that it's only 9.20PM and she just needs to get something quick from Isetan, but he rudely tells her to "Get Out" in Mandarin! Even when the white shirt guy tries to stand up for her, he also rudely chases him off and asks him not to involve himself!"Is this #Rude #SecurityGuard too much or just doing his job?

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Saturday, July 4, 2015