Iskandar sentenced to hang for Kovan double murder

SINGAPORE - Former police officer Iskandar Rahmat has been sentenced on Friday (Dec 4) to hang after being found guilty of the double murders that happened in Kovan in July 2013.

The body of Mr Tan Chee Heong, 42, was found outside Kovan MRT on Jul 10, 2013 where he had been dragged nearly 1km under a getaway car by Iskandar.

This left a blood trail to his father's house at 14J Hillside Drive where Mr Tan Boon Sin, 67, was found dead. Both victims had multiple stab wounds.

High Court Judge Tay Yong Kwang had rejected Iskandar's self-defence claim citing the sheer number of stab wounds, location and nature of the injuries sustained by both men, said local reports.

Judge Tay found that he had attacked them "cruelly and relentlessly with the clear intention of causing death". Local reports said that Judge Tay found that "the accused's plan could not possibly be a simple grab and run" and that "there can be no doubt that the accused intended to kill Mr Tan Boon Sin."


He added that Mr Tan's son had became "collateral damage and was not necessarily part of Iskandar's original plan. "He had to silence the two men who had seen him," said Judge Tay, according to local reports.

The Straits Times also reported that Iskandar's lawyer, Mr Shashi Nathan, said his client will appeal the sentence.

About the case

Father and son found dead

A father and son were found dead in Kovan on Jul 10, 2013 with a 1km long blood trial linking their bodies.

Mr Tan Boon Sin, 67, was found dead in his home at 14J Hillside Drive while his son, Mr Tan Chee Heong, 42, was found outside Kovan MRT after being dragged under a getaway car.

Car found in Eunos

The silver Toyota Camry with the licence number SGM 14J which dragged Mr Tan from his father's terrace house at Hillside Drive to Kovan MRT station was located in Eunos.

It was parked outside Block 1084, Eunos Avenue 7A - just a kilometre away from where the elder Mr Tan's workshop was formerly located. Mr Tan was the owner of car workshop Soc Leon Motor Works at Autobay@Kaki Bukit.

Police had been alerted to the blood-stained car in the morning of Jul 11, 2013.

Iskandar caught

Iskandar Rahmat, 34, had fled Singapore after the murders and was caught on Jul 12, 2013 in Johor.

He was arrested at Restoran Singgah Selalu located at Danga Bay. Johor police had been alerted about his particulars and scooter.

Iskandar turned out to be law enforcement officer

Senior Staff Sergeant Iskandar Rahmat, 34, was a 14-year veteran of the force and a member of the Bedok Police Division.

The link between Iskandar and Mr Tan was also revealed - Iskandar was the investigating officer for a reported theft from Mr Tan's safe deposit box in Nov 2012.

Mr Tan's safe deposit box

Just hours before his death, the elder Mr Tan was said to have gone to his safe deposit box at the Certis Cisco Centre at Paya Lebar.

It was reported that he had withdrawn bags of items that include important documents and valuables.

Iskandar declared bankrupt

Checks showed that Iskandar was made a bankrupt owing $62,000 to OCBC Bank.

His bankruptcy was declared just a day after the double murders.

Father and son cremated

Jul 16, 2013 was an emotional day for family and friends of the murdered father and son as they paid their last respects.

Iskandar charged with double murders

Iskandar made a two-minute courtroom appearance where his charges were read out on Jul 15, 2013.

A sketch of Deputy Public Prosecutor Lau Wing Yum cross-examining the suspect, Iskandar Rahmat, in court on Nov 9, 2015.

He had attacked both victims at about 3.30pm on Jul 9, 2013 where the younger Mr Tan had been stabbed in his neck.

He was then dragged for nearly a kilometre by the family's Toyota Camry before his body was dislodged near Kovan MRT station.

The elder Mr Tan was found dead in his Hillside Drive terrace, also with wounds to his neck.

In another courtroom appearance on Jul 26, 2013, Iskandar agreed to a psychiatric evaluation.