ITE students who helped cabby change tyre: He was having trouble so we volunteered

Two 17-year-old Institute of Technical Education (ITE) students were on their way home last Thursday (April 14) at around 5.30pm when they came across an elderly cabby replacing a flat tyre at a bus stop just outside their school.

Seeing that the taxi driver needed help, the students took the initiative and approached him to offer their assistance.

Their kind deed was captured by netizen @Nigersaur who posted photos of what happened on his Twitter account.

A contributor to Stomp had previously alerted the citizen journalism website to the incident on April 16.

Speaking to Stomp, one of the students, Karna, said: "We were waiting for a bus outside ITE College West when we saw the cabby. He looked to be around 70-years-old."

"We saw that he was perspiring and went up to help him," he added.

The boys spent about 30 to 40 minutes helping the cabby replace the flat tyre. Following their kind act, the cabby offered to send the both of them to their homes at Bukit Batok.

The other student, Hakim, added: "The cabby looked to be in some form of trouble, so we volunteered. Our school principal is aware of what happened and will be speaking to us after this.

"I feel proud of what we had done."

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