J is for jealousy and jail

SINGAPORE - She created an elaborate scheme involving three personas to get nude photos of her then fiance's ex-girlfriend, and got the woman fired.

Now, former PSA crane operator Siti Nurazlin Samat, 28, claims she wants to make amends.

Siti herself has got fired from her job and her wedding has been called off.

And it seems likely that her family will face financial difficulties too.

She hoped the woman whose life she had turned upside down would be able to forgive her.

And she said sorry in a handwritten letter to the woman.

But District Judge Hamidah Ibrahim was not convinced by all that and sentenced Siti on Friday to six months' jail for distributing obscene material and providing false information to a public servant.

She said: "You may put yourself in the same position as what she is facing now, but that is of your own doing."

The judge said it was not known if the victim would ever recover from the psychological impact of the incident.

The trouble started in late 2010 when Siti felt her fiance's family preferred his ex-girlfriend, whom we shall call Q.

Out of jealousy, she got Q's mobile phone number and contacted her online, pretending to be a policeman called "Fadli".

As "Fadli", she got into an online relationship with Q, who was then working as a co-curriculum executive in a secondary school.

After about five months of online contact, "Fadli" managed to get Q to send "him" personal pictures, including, eventually, 10 naked pictures of herself.

Siti then posed as "Fadli's" pregnant girlfriend and met Q to end the relationship.

Getting into her final persona, Siti pretended to be a concerned parent and sent a typed letter to the school where Q worked, attaching the nude shots.

Q was then fired, both by the school, and her employer, whose services the school was using.

In court on Friday, Siti presented the victim with $2,000 as compensation, and the handwritten letter of apology consisting of two pieces of lined paper.

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