Jail for lorry driver who hit elderly man

A freelance lorry attendant drove his nephew's lorry without consent or a valid licence and ran over an elderly man, causing his death.

Mohamed Shafarudin Mohamed Mokthar was reversing the lorry along a service road when he struck the 81-year-old man. Shafarudin continued to reverse the vehicle, unaware that he had hit the pedestrian, who was dragged for about 4m.

Retiree Ang Kum Lor died in hospital from multiple injuries about an hour after the accident.

Yesterday, the 34-year-old was sentenced to four weeks' jail and banned from driving for five years for negligently causing the death of Mr Ang along the service road leading to Blocks 116 to 117, Ho Ching Road, Jurong, on Oct 6.

Shafarudin, who pleaded guilty, was fined a total of $2,400: $800 each for taking away and driving the lorry without the owner's consent; driving without a class 3 licence; and moving the vehicle from the scene of the accident without authority.

The court heard that Shafarudin was driving the Mitsubishi lorry along the service road at 11.25am that day when he reversed the vehicle against the flow of traffic.

He did not see Mr Ang, who was walking behind his vehicle after collecting food from the NTUC Health Senior Activity Centre.

The vehicle hit Mr Ang and he fell. Shafarudin continued to reverse the lorry out of Ho Ching Road, dragging Mr Ang under his vehicle for about 4m, resulting in a blood trail.

He stopped only when a passer-by knocked on the lorry's passenger door to tell him that he had knocked down someone.

Shafarudin got out and called the police. But he did not tell them he was the driver or that he was involved in the accident.

He stayed until the ambulance had taken Mr Ang to hospital, before driving off without waiting for the police to arrive.

This was despite knowing that a driver had to wait for the police after a road traffic accident.

When the police contacted him, he initially said he was a passer-by and that there was a taxi near the scene. Later that day, he admitted to the offence when contacted again and surrendered at the Traffic Police headquarters.

He could have been jailed for up to two years and/or fined for causing death by a negligent act.


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