Jailed prostitute's husband, saddled with debt after she jumps bail, to file for divorce

Smitten by her sweet ways, he fell in love and they got married soon afterwards.

But a year into their marriage, Jane started to show her true colours. She mixed with bad company and partied often. She even became a prostitute.

Because of her, her husband Zack said, he is now thousands of dollars in debt and is left to care for their two-year-old daughter. "I feel very betrayed by her. I find it hard to forgive her and I've lost all the love I once had for her," Zack, 26, a technician, told The New Paper with a sigh.

He said he will be filing for divorce soon.

"I'm disappointed that she could do something like this. She's a mother! How could she do this to us?" Yesterday, Jane, 24, was jailed 13 months for voluntarily causing hurt, two charges of consumption of methamphetamine and one charge of drug possession.

Another charge of theft, one charge of drug possession and two charges of possession of drug utensils were taken into consideration.

Jane was the prostitute involved in a brutal attack on one of her clients at the Marina Bay Residences on March 4 last year. We are not using the couple's real names as there is a court gag order on Jane's identity.

Speaking to The New Paper yesterday, Zack said he has known Jane for many years as they lived in the same neighbourhood. She had a sad childhood - she was raped by her own father when she was 12, went for an abortion at the same age and was later placed in a girls' home.

Through common friends, Zack met her again after she left the home and they soon became an item. He said: "I knew about her past and what her father had done to her. But I thought that she deserved a chance."

They got married in April 2012 and their daughter was born later that year.

They were living with his family and it all seemed fine at first. But barely a year passed before Jane started mixing with bad company. Said Zack: "I used to work in the IT line and worked the night shift from 7pm and 7am twice a week.

"I was hard at work, earning money for the family. Instead of staying at home, she would go out clubbing with her old friends - a bunch of bad hats."

Jane started to return home less frequently. Zack claimed she even had a relationship with another man on the side.


Despite this, he stood by her and was her bailor after she was charged in court with her current offences in June last year. But she jumped bail and her warrant of arrest was issued last September.

Because of this, Zack was ordered to fork out $10,000 to the authorities. He is paying this in instalments.

So far, he has already paid half this amount. He said he will settle the full amount by November. Said Zack: "Not only that, now I also have to pay off the debts that she had accumulated and this amounted to thousands more dollars. This includes things like her mobile phone payments.

"I'm definitely filing for divorce soon and I intend to gain the custody of our daughter. Enough is enough." I was hard at work, earning money for the family. Instead of staying at home, she would go out clubbing with her old friends - a bunch of bad hats.

- Zack, husband of Jane (not their real names), who was jailed yesterday for 13 months

This article was first published on July 9, 2014.
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