Jennie Chua to step down as Community Chest chairperson

SINGAPORE - Ms Jennie Chua will hand over chairmanship of Community Chest at the next Annual General Meeting of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) in August 2013.

She will be succeeded by Mr Phillip Tan, who is concurrently Vice President of the NCSS Board, but will continue as Adviser of Community Chest.  

Ms Chua has served with the Community Chest for14 years.

Acting Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing noted the growth in funds raised and reach of Community Chest under her leadership.

He said that in engaging organisations and members of the public in worthwhile causes, Ms Chua also helped nurture a more caring and giving community.

Referring to her personal attention to driving the Community Chest's many initiatives, he cited her as an inspiration to others to likewise volunteer their time and expertise to improve the lives of less fortunate members in our society as well as to transform more lives for the better.

Mr Hsieh Fu Hua, President of NCSS, added that Ms Chua's impact on the social service sector extended beyond raising funds for those in need. She has, through Community Chest's many public education efforts, helped to raise the level of social consciousness in our nation, he said.

Mr Hsieh said he was grateful that Mr Tan has taken on the mantle even with his heavy range of community service commitments.

In accepting the appointment, Mr Tan said he was very pleased that Ms Chua has agreed to remain as an Adviser to Community Chest.

The Community Chest is focused on meeting the needs of the disadvantaged such as children with special needs, the elderly, those with disability and families who need support while resolving issues.

He said that he welcomes and would be grateful to any suggestions from the Singapore community.