Jet-setting in style



This sassy and sleek navy-blue carrier is roomy enough to see you through an all-day-long shopping spree.

The bag's multiway straps also get bonus points, since they give you the option of either holding it by the crook of your arm - ala Victoria Beckham - or slinging it over your shoulder and keeping your hands free.

Available at ECCO stores islandwide.



This carry-on should impress your fellow passengers. It's 46cm by 40cm body is compact and stylish, yet sturdy enough not to get crushed in the plane's overhead cabin.

It is supposedly made of material strong enough to double as a seat while you wait in queues, or as a footrest for jet-setters with long layovers.

The bag also features pockets to organise your things for more efficient packing. There are even specific sections for a tablet and laptop.

I reckon this Marshmallow is pretty sweet all round.

Available at Samsonite stores and major department stores islandwide.


55cm - $220, 62cm - $260, 75cm - $300

One of the gripes my friends and I have when we are on holiday is how dull luggage looks.

The bright and eye-catching shades of this range ensure you'll always be able to spot your luggage on the baggage carousel. Take your pick from lime green, hot pink, purple and navy.

Bags in this collection also come with smart dividers, so you won't have to worry about that bikini bottom or lipstick getting lost.

The collection touts itself as strong and durable. Going by the way your luggage gets handled sometimes, that feature sure brings peace of mind.

Available at American Tourister stores at Suntec City Tower 1 and Tampines 1, as well as department stores islandwide. Putting online advice to the test.


Username: Kalyn Nicholson

Keywords: Pack, vacation, suitcase

When it comes to clothes and shoes, the more the merrier, especially on vacations.

But too many options often results in overpacking, or confusion when you are looking for what you need in the hotel room.

This YouTuber breaks down the whole packing routine into simple steps as she ticks off her checklist. She also efficiently sections everything in her suitcase.

From clothes to electronics, she shows you how to pack in the most strategic way.


Username: Michelle Phan

Keywords: Handbag, packing, organising

We all go through a phase where the inside of our bag looks like it was struck by a natural disaster. Some of us never get out of it.

This fun and easy-to-follow video gives you tips on how to organise the chaos in your bag.

A neat tip shared is to store gadgets in brightly coloured covers, making them easier to find. It also brightens up your day, she says.

This stop-motion video with Phan's chirpy voice-over is cute, and well worth two minutes of your time. It might even inspire you to reorganise your bag.

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