Job is not slutty

Miss Angie Ng, the first Singaporean to join SexyMandarin's teaching staff.

Miss Angie Ng is the first Singaporean to join SexyMandarin's teaching staff.

The 21-year-old has starred in one video and is hoping for more opportunities.

When contacted by The New Paper on Sunday, she declined to be interviewed.

But she told MyPaper two weeks ago: "I'm a person who likes to be in a new environment, to push the limits, and I think SexyMandarin allows me to do that."

The polytechnic graduate is currently waiting to enter university.

She learnt about the site after viewing an online video and decided to submit her portfolio.

She joined the site late last year.

These days, Miss Ng, who is single, shoots videos dressed in lingerie or revealing outfits.

She told MyPaper that she does not find the job slutty. Instead, it boosts her self-confidence.

"If my friends or family disapprove, I accept their opinion, but it will not affect my choice," she says.

"I believe in what I'm doing."

She will also tell any future boyfriend about this job from the get-go.

She told MyPaper: "If he doesn't accept it, then I guess we can't be together.

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