Joseph Schooling signs 3-year partnership with DBS

Just a week after the announcement that Singapore Olympic champ Joseph Schooling will be the ambassador for German luxury fashion brand Hugo Boss, the full-time athlete has scored another deal with DBS.

The three-year partnership will see the young athlete reaching out to next-generation Singaporeans through a series of community activities and social media engagements to encourage and influence them to overcome their challenges and forge their own paths to success, according to a statement from the bank.

Said Schooling: “I work hard every day to make Singapore proud and think about what it means to be Singaporean. To me, DBS is what a Singaporean brand should be and it is an honour to work with them. They serve their customers well, they’re true to their roots, they’re ambitious and work hard every day to make Singapore proud. That’s why I took the plunge with DBS and made them my partner of choice.”

To Joseph Isaac Schooling, living more means being able to do the thing he loves the most – swimming, moving closer and...

Posted by DBS on Sunday, April 1, 2018

When Schooling hangs up his swim cap as a professional swimmer, he will also be a graduate with a business degree from the University of Texas. Armed with a major in economics, Schooling also harbours ambitions to work in the wealth management industry, said the statement.

It added: "To help kick-start his journey in wealth management, DBS will explore opportunities to work with Schooling to arrange for internships and mentoring sessions when they can coincide with his professional swim training schedule."

Schooling turned professional after the conclusion of his final National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Swimming and Diving Championships on March 24.

NCAA has strict rules governing the amateurism of its athletes, and forbids them, with certain exceptions, from receiving salaries or prize money that is more than the expenses incurred during competitions.