Jover Chew unemployed for 5 months: Reports

SINGAPORE - Jover Chew, one of five men arrested for a series of cheating cases at Sim Lim Square, has reportedly been out of work for five months.

Chew's mother told Lianhe Wanbao that he had turned up at her hawker stall to help out on a few occasions, but she had told him to stay away. "I'm not worried about how others will view us, I just don't want to rake up the past."

She said her family had advised Chew not to work until the Sim Lim Square matter blows over. She said he has been spending much of his time fishing, a hobby of his for years.

Chew's mother said that she had been helping him out financially since he has been out of work.

Shin Min Daily News reported that Chew's mother is hoping that the Sim Lim Square matter can come to a close quickly - now that a court hearing has been scheduled - so that Chew can "start afresh".

"He didn't rob or kill, I will be in court to support him," she told Wanbao. She also said that Chew will have nothing to do with the mobile phone business in the future.

Wife: We've divorced

Chew's wife, Winnie Koh, claims that they have divorced and that she is no longer in contact with him.

She told Shin Min: "We are no longer related. I don't interfere with his matters, nor can I comment on them."

Koh, 32, had told Wanbao that she has her "own life" now and that her "new partner" does not want her to be implicated in Chew's matter.