Jurong temple devotees evacuated after men barge in with dangerous weapons

PHOTO: Stomp

A woman was shocked to see a large group of men unloading weapons in a temple along Jurong West Street 42, on Oct 2 at around 10pm.

She said she had been attending an event at the temple, when halfway through she noticed a large group of men with tattoos barging into the temple hall and unloading dangerous weapons from a van.

The woman, Wendy, recounted what happened in an email and telephone interview with citizen journalism website Stomp.

"There were about eight to 10 weapons getting unloaded by around 20 men. I also heard a man shouting at the event's organising committee," she recalled.

"The men began to lay the weapons they brought onto the floor of the temple hall. I saw an axe and some swords and they were all very sharp."

According to Wendy, members from the event's organising committee told everyone else to leave the temple premises, as they feared for the safety of the devotees there. They did not know this group of people and what ill intentions they had.

"I am very intimidated by what happened and also very concerned that public safety will be jeopardised if Singapore allows people to travel freely with lethal weapons," she said.

She added that the organising committee has lodged a police report over the incident.

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