KFC staff goes the extra mile for partially blind customer

SINGAPORE - Ms Muza not only took his order, but went on to assist him to his table and bring him his food. She also paid for his food which was upgraded from his original order to a full meal including a drink and fries.

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Here is Ms Dora Ong's Facebook post in full:

Not often I eat at KFC in Singapore, however, today my parents were in the mood of having it so we went to the KFC branch which I used to grow up with at Bukit Merah branch.

An old man who was partially blind selling tissue paper came into the restaurant and ordered a piece of chicken. He was attended by a friendly and helpful crew or probably manager as her uniform was in blue.

Her name was Muza. Not only he was assisted to the table seat, his order was taken by her and served by her.

In fact, Muza gave the old man a full set meal with drinks and fries. And she actually paid the meal for the old man.

I was touched by her gesture and decided to give her an ang bao...not much S$10 but it was definitely my encouragement for her kindness towards the less fortunate.

It is rather rare to see people with compassion these days. Good job, Muza! We should have more people like you in our society today.