Law graduate who assaulted pregnant woman ordered to go for mandatory treatment

A woman suffering from bipolar disorder was ordered to undergo 12 months of mandatory treatment after she went on a rampage attacking strangers, and even injured a pregnant woman in the process.

According to the Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao, Li Sumin, 52, had assaulted strangers on five different occasions, from Oct 21, 2010 to Apr 27, 2012. Li was also charged for stealing a product worth $35.80 at a Bukit Timah supermarket during that period.

Li, who has a law degree, was indicted for two of the assault charges.

The court heard that on Oct 2, 2011 Li was shopping at the Bras Basah Popular bookstore when she asked the cashier about the store's operating hours. Before the cashier, Zhong Mingjie could reply, Li snapped at her and shouted: "You shut up!"

When Zhong, 36 tried to answer Li's question again, Li refused to listen and took a swipe at her with a thick book, barely scrapping Zhong's face. Her actions were caught on the bookstore's CCTV.

The court also heard that on Apr 27, 2012, Li attacked a 29 year old woman who was waiting for a taxi along Shelford Road.

The victim, who was seven months pregnant, was on the phone when Li suddenly jabbed at the victim's stomach.

The victim experienced discomfort thereafter and was sent to the hospital for examinations. Results showed that the mother and child were safe.

In mitigation, Li's counsel said the Li suffered from bipolar disorder shortly after she graduated in 1983 with a law degree with honours.

After she was discharged from rehabilitation, Li worked for Singapore Press Holdings, and was later working at the Japanese Embassy from 2001 to 2005.

Li, who is a divorcee, had custody of her daughter, but stayed alone in a house along Adam Road after her parents took their granddaughter away.

In his sentence, the judge took account of these factors, and ordered Li to undergo 12 months of mandatory treatment, and to attend regular psychiatric sessions.

Marriage on the rocks after three years; pregnancy couldn't salvage the relationship

Three years into the marriage, Li's relationship with her husband was on the rocks, and even a pregnancy then only resulted in an abortion.

Li Sumin married in 1985, but divorce proceedings started barely three years later. Despite the divorce proceedings, the estranged couple had a daughter in 1994.

Li suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth, and was admitted to Mount Elizabeth hospital for three weeks.

Later, Li tried to reconcile with her husband, and was pregnant again, but he refused to get back with Li, resulting in another abortion.

The couple finalised their divorce in 2001.

The resulting custody battle for her daughter, division of marital property and other issues left Li mentally and physically exhausted.

She had a mental breakdown and was admitted to Adam Road Medical Centre for five weeks.

Swindled $300,000 because of love scam

In 2006, Li tried to get into a new relationship, but was unsuccessful.

She suffered another relapse and was warded at NUH for three weeks.

Early this year, Li fell victim to an internet love scam. The swindler promised to marry her, but cheated Li of $300,000 instead.