Law Minister weighs in on Tammy issue

Tammy, a mongrel puppy, at her foster home in May 2013 after she was first rescued.

Law Minister K. Shanmugam has weighed in on the controversial issue surrounding Tammy, the dog that was put down by its owner.

This was after he was approached by the dog's rescuer and rehomer, Ms Ada Ong.

Mr Shanmugam posted on his Facebook page that Ms Ong had spoken to him.

She also showed him a document signed by Ms Alison McElwee, who had adopted Tammy in June.


The seven-month-old mongrel was put down at a veterinary clinic in Sunset Way on Oct 7.

Ms McElwee said it was because it had been aggressive and had bitten her and her two children.

Mr Ricky Yeo, a professional dog trainer who had Tammy for three sessions between July and August, told the media that he did not detect any signs of aggression during training.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) said the vet who put down Tammy had followed all protocol, including "necessary professional assessment" as well as deciding that euthanasia was a "reasonable option considering the circumstances".

Mr Shanmugam wrote that Ms Ong had told him that she made it clear to the puppy's adopter in subsequent conversations that she was prepared to take Tammy back, and showed him their SMS exchanges, which seemed to bear out what Ms Ong said.

He said: "I have given Ada my views on the contract, and have suggested to her that she should get a lawyer to pursue this matter.

"She asked me for help and I have suggested a lawyer to her who will help her pro bono."

Mr Shanmugam added that there could be other fees and Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (Acres) executive director Louis Ng, who was in on the conversation, had said the money would be raised if necessary.

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