The Learning Never Stops

The Learning Never Stops

At least not for these seniors, who tell NG POH HIAN that they are still taking courses well into their retirement years.

"I take catwalk class where I learn the art of walking, how to stand tall and straight, and have good posture. The hardest part is memorising the different formations on the runway, but the teacher is very patient with us.

I walked the runway at last year's Seniors' Week performance, where other seniors and I wore cheongsams and carried traditional paper umbrellas. It's not just about looking nice - it has helped improve my blood circulation and I'm also more confident."

- Puan Fon Ying, 59

"A close friend convinced me to go for a certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), accredited by the London Teacher Training College. The six-month course was a challenge but studying for tests trained my memory and helped me brush up on grammar.

After I completed the course, I taught foreign workers basic English. Now, I tutor students at a primary school and volunteer to teach in India and Cambodia when I have time. Earning this certificate has enabled me to discover my passion for teaching, which allows me to give back to the community at the same time."

- Amy Lee, 62

"When my daughters started polytechnic, I felt it was time for me to do something new. I found out about the three-month Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications Diploma in Fashion Technology (Footwear Design and Product Development) and thought it was something I could do.

Being confined to the classroom for a whole day was quite unbearable at first, but I began to enjoy my course when I engaged with my coursemates, who were from different walk of life - some were as young as my children.

Researching online, scouting shopping centres to keep up to date on the latest brands and analysing market data was challenging but eye-opening. Now, I'm preparing to attend more courses so I can become a trainer in this diploma.

- Tanya Tan, 53


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