Letter from the Editor: Welcome to the new AsiaOne

Letter from the Editor: Welcome to the new AsiaOne

Dear readers,

AsiaOne is like a blast from the past - 1995, to be exact. It was one of the first news sites in Singapore when your modem was still using dial-up, back when there was a lack of free access news sites.

Two decades on, it has continued to be the go-to news and lifestyle site for Singaporeans, growing a group of readers who have stayed with us throughout the years.

We are deeply honoured and thank you for your support.

We know today's readers are more discerning with what they read, with plenty of options out there to get their daily content fix. While we used to access information from only a couple of sources, we are now being inundated by a buffet of information.

With that in mind, we knew we had to change. So we've ditched our traditional red and blue colours, and injected a fresh burst of yellow.

Rather than delivering breaking news updates, we are now focusing on more SOCIAL NEWS and popular content we know your friends and colleagues are talking about.

Rather than delivering breaking news updates, we are now focusing on more SOCIAL NEWS and popular content we know your friends and colleagues are talking about.

Case in point: EVERYONE was reading about the young couple who shouted at an elderly man at a hawker centre in Toa Payoh. Oh, and remember the Vietnamese doctor who was removed from a United Airlines flight?

These are the stories that AsiaOne will now focus all our efforts on - rather than the usual run-of-the-mill news updates you can get from other sources.


We will also be delivering easy to read articles that are more digestible for a social audience. Most importantly, we aim to serve content that truly matters to you.

Here are some of our new features and improvements to the site:


Our new navigation bar is focused on our popular sections from countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, China, other parts of Asia and the World. There, you will find updates from the region from local and foreign sources.

Our new Trending section highlights the top stories that people are talking about or something you might have seen on social media.

The Spotlight section is where our editors pick the most interesting features or interviews that are worth reading.

If you like to be updated on current affairs from the region, News & Buzz is a section where you can access headlines from The Straits Times, The Business Times and The New Paper, as well as other sources.

Videos You Should Watch is a collection of videos created by AsiaOne's own video editorial team. We curate the most interesting videos of the day so that you can take some time off work and be entertained at the same time.

We get it. We are all caught up with our busy lifestyles and the In Case You Missed It section helps you catch up on what has been happening and what's trending.


In the new AsiaOne, you will see a change in the way news is presented.

Instead of giving you what's already reported, we try to show you another side of the same story, replete with more graphics and videos. Photo stories have always been our forte and we will continue to showcase this throughout the site.


We see AsiaOne as a project that never ends. We are constantly improving and building on the existing site.

The editorial team is an energetic bunch who are bursting with creativity and our tech developers are obsessed with innovation. With this combination, I am confident we can continue to deliver great content as we move forward with this new chapter.

We hope you like what we've done with the website.

If you want to contact the team for feedback, you can drop us an email at a1admin@sph.com.sg or simply leave us comments below.

Or, if you prefer to speak to the editor instead, my email address is klim@sph.com.sg.

Wishing you a great day ahead,

Karen Lim
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