Lighting up his dreams

Mr Desmond Lin, 26, has always been passionate about visual effects.

He said: "Visual effects artists create characters and environments from their imagination, and make them real and believable to help tell a story.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

He is living that very dream. Mr Lin is a lighting technical director at Industrial Light and Magic, which was founded by Star Wars director George Lucas. His work includes adding lighting to animated shots, which help shape the characters and define the mood of the environment.

He honed his skills in visual effects through the Singapore Workplace Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Diploma in Animation at 3dsense Media School.

This year-long full-time course trains students who wish to enter the film, animation and game industry. Students learn visual effects, animation and 3-D modelling through a practical, hands-on approach. At the end of the course, students produce a demo reel in their specialisation, which helps them to seek employment in the industry.

3dsense Media School is certified as a Continuing Education and Training Centre by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency. Its two diploma courses in animation and digital design are accredited under the WSQ framework.

With their help, Mr Lin was able to obtain a place in the Lucasfilm Jedi Masters Program, where he underwent a six-month apprenticeship. He was offered his current position two months later.

Mr Lin joined 3dsense after he found works by their former students online.

"He said: "It was an eye-opener looking through a series of demo reels that their students produced. I was amazed by the level of artistry in the work produced in just one short year."


He was impressed by the staff members at 3dsense. He said: "They were very passionate about the courses they offered, and were clearly keen in nurturing talent for this industry.

"They explained the course to me in detail, and showed me around the school's facilities and their students' work."

Mr Lin has fond memories of studying at the school. He said: "It's like a big family there. Staff members are all very approachable and friendly. Students can sit down with anyone - even the principal - to discuss and get feedback on their work.

"I've also seen lecturers coming back over the weekends to help students with their assignments. This course has definitely given me an in-depth understanding of the digital media industry."

At a glance

The school actively engages with industry partners to help students enter the industry.

They frequently host recruitment talks by leading game and film studios, and keep a lookout for job openings.

Classrooms are designed to simulate the actual working environment in a film studio.

Each diploma student is assigned a designated workstation.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-38, The Central Tel: 6224-9455



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