Lion dance performer stabbed at CNY event

KOTA KINABALU - A Chinese New Year celebration here turned awry when a lion dance performer was stabbed by his counterpart from another group.

The 20-year-old victim was waiting for his team’s turn to perform when he started chatting with the other performer.

Witnesses said things became tense when the conversation turned personal during the 11.30pm incident in Luyang on Sunday.

The victim’s team leader immediately told both of them to leave, without realising that his team member had been stabbed.

The victim was then rushed to hospital and warded.

Kota Kinabalu deputy police chief Supt M. Chandra said police were investigating the incident.

“The victim sustained two minor stab wounds and is in stable condition,” he said.

“We believe it was due to a misunderstanding between both lion dance performers,” he said.

The case is being investigated under Section 324 of the Penal Code for causing voluntary hurt with the use of dangerous weapons.