Little girl pulled on wire before accident: Watsons

SINGAPORE -Watsons has conducted a full investigation and has concluded that a little girl, who apparently received an electric shock at their 100am shopping centre outlet, had pulled on a wire prior to the accident.

Their response came after the 21-month-old girl and her mother reportedly received an electric shock during their visit to the store on Jul 5 after touching a black object which was attached a wire.

According to a report on The New Paper on Jul 11, the mother, Mrs Teo, said that there was a live current passing through the wire when she touched the metal screws on the object.

The curious girl was walking around the store when she bent down and touched something on the ground.

After which, she started to cry as the lights in the store flickered.

Mrs Teo went to investigate at the exact spot and touched the same wire.

She described her arm and hand going numb.

Mrs Teo, who also wrote in to Stomp, said she approached the staff for assistance, and the supervisor said "'We hid it under the shelf and the wire was removed from one of the advertisement stand."

Watsons has since conducted a full investigation and removed the standee which was a supplier's fixture, said marketing director Mr Benedict Leong, in a statement to Stomp.

He said:

"When we were made aware of the incident, we called Mrs Teo and offered our assistance immediately.

"Simultaneously, we launched into a full investigation and instructed our own electrician to check and remove the standee, despite this being a supplier's fixture.

"Investigations based on CCTV reports, has shown that there was no wire protruding before the accident.

"The footage records that the child reached underneath the shelving and pulled this wire.

"It is unfortunate that this happened.

"Although this is an isolated incident, we'd like to assure all customers that we take this seriously as we are committed to putting a priority on a pleasurable shopping experience for all our customers."

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