Little India Riot Committee of Inquiry: New Revelations

Witness: Mr Lee Kim Huat, 55, the bus driver.


The following points surfaced from the testimonies of timekeeper Wong Geck Woon and bus driver Lee Kim Huat:

1 While Mr Sakthivel Kumaravelu was queueing to board the bus heading towards Jalan Papan, he was actually near the end of the line but jumped queue and boarded the bus.

2 After Madam Wong boarded the bus and asked Mr Sakthivel to leave, he tripped and fell on his buttocks as he was leaving the bus. Video footage showed him sitting on the steps of the bus for a few seconds. He then got up and left the vehicle.

3 During the time the bus was under siege, Madam Wong hid on the steps of the bus and Mr Lee crouched under a green trash bin.

Two men climbed in through the broken driver's side window and attacked Madam Wong. But Madam Wong said she only knew that one man was attacking her. She covered herself with a raincoat after he started hitting her.

Mr Lee said the two men had asked her "where is the uncle". She replied that she did not know.

4 The closed-circuit television camera on the left wing mirror of the bus had captured Mr Sakthivel's actions while he was running after the bus.

But Mr Lee did not see this because he had not turned the monitor screen on due to "glare".

5 While Mr Sakthivel was walking alongside the bus, he was seen by Mr Lee. He was waving to Mr Lee, signalling for him to stop.

Mr Lee waved back to indicate that the bus was full and that he could not stop for him. He then drove past Mr Sakthivel and did not see him again until the accident.

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