Little India Riot: First responders honoured on National Day

SINGAPORE - Among those honoured in this year's National Day Awards are 10 Home Team frontline officers who were among the first to respond to last December's Little India Riot.

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Here is the press statement from the Ministry of Home of Affairs (MHA)

10 Home Team frontline officers from the Singapore Police Force and the Singapore Civil Defence Force were awarded the Commendation Medal on 9th August 2014 in this year's National Day Awards.

The 10 officers were among the first to respond to the Little India riot on 8 December 2013. Despite the dangers and challenges that they faced, the officers were calm and steadfast in carrying out their duties, working together to extricate the body of the deceased foreign worker, and brought the bus driver and time keeper to safety. They displayed dedication to duty and courage, and showed outstanding leadership and resolve.

The list of the 10 Home Team officers receiving the Commendation Medals is attached at Annex.

A total of 417 Home Team officers will be awarded the National Day Awards on 9 August 2014. The awards include Public Administration Medal (Gold), Public Administration (Silver), Public Administration (Bronze), Commendation Medal, Efficiency Medal and Long Service Medal.

MHA congratulates all Home Team National Day Awards recipients. We also take the opportunity to thank their families who had stood by and supported our Home Team officers as they keep Singapore safe and secure.