Little India Riot Inquiry: He nabbed 4 rioters


Auxiliary police officer Srisivasangkar Subramaniam said he helped arrest four rioters who were throwing glass bottles.

This was after bus driver Lee Kim Huat and timekeeper Wong Geck Woon had been rescued and taken to an ambulance.

When he walked towards Kerbau Road, he saw police officers with shields who were being pelted by the crowd.

He shouted at them to move towards the shops where he was standing because it was safer.

Seeing some rioters still throwing bottles, he went up to arrest them, grabbing them from the back. After grabbing each rioter, who put up a slight struggle, he handed them over to police officers.

"After I handed over the fourth person, my ground supervisor told me that what I was doing was very brave but dangerous and told me to stop," the 22-year-old Malaysian said through a Tamil interpreter.

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