Live Your Dream: When 6+2=Happiness

SINGAPORE - "A mother's love is like nothing else in the world. It knows no limit and makes everything possible." A mother's love is what fueled 38-year-old housewife Joy Shuo to go from being a mother of four to a mother of six.

"Have you gone out of your mind?" That was Joy's mother reaction when she brought back her first foster child. "You already have four kids, and now you want to raise another?"

It all goes back to that fateful night in 2011, when Joy had an epiphany. She thought to herself, "My children are happy, growing up healthily, and are fortunate enough to enjoy the warmth of a loving family. Who will be there to help care for children who are less fortunate? Wouldn't it be great if I could bring this happiness to them?"

Joy eventually signed up for the MSF Fostering Scheme, and went on to foster not one, but four children in total, with the support of her husband Daniel, who is also the sole breadwinner. Daniel has no complaint about the additional financial burden, and helps to take care of the younger children.

Sibling rivalry is common, but not in the Chua family. Joy's four biological children, aged 7 to 15, often take the initiative to help their mother out when she finds it hard to cope.

Children under MSF Fostering Scheme will temporarily live with the foster family until they are reunited with their biological parents or adopted by others. Unfortunately, among the four children Joy has fostered, two will never be able to reunite with their biological family. After much consideration, Joy decided to adopt them and try her very best to shower them with the love they need.

However, as a foster parent, Joy's wish to adopt her foster children is uncommon. After filling up countless forms and trying for over two years, Joy finally gained custody of two children - Catelyn (6) and Jed (1).

The Challenge

Being a family of eight is no small matter. On occasions where the Chuas head out for a nice dinner or to take a walk around the city, they will have to plan ahead and split into teams to travel to their destination. Usually, their eldest son Titus (15) will bring the older siblings to take the public transport, whereas their parents will travel by car or taxi with the younger children.

The Dream

Now that Catelyn and Jed have been officially adopted, Joy hopes to organise something special as a celebration. She wants them to understand that being a part of the family means that no one will ever get left behind.

Memories made together last a lifetime. What else can better strengthen the family bond other than an overseas vacation?

Yet the question remains. Where will host Ken Low bring them to? Where is that one special place that can turn fantasies and dreams into reality? Watch the video to find out.

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