Local barbers give haircuts to most unexpected of customers

PHOTO: Facebook/The Golden Ruler Barber Co.

"One of the craziest VIP House Call ever."

That is exactly what happened to the folks from The Golden Rule Barber Co. They received an invitation from the Argentinian football team to give them haircuts at the Fullerton Hotel, where the team was staying while in Singapore.

They were first contacted by footballer Paulo Dybala through Instagram.

A screengrab of the invitation from Paulo.Photo: Facebook/The Golden Rule Barber Co.

“One of the players, (Paulo) Dybala, messaged us on our Instagram page, and the management didn’t see the message. We never replied the message,” Muhammad Fauzee, a barber with The Golden Rule Barber Co, told Channel NewsAsia.

They only found out when they received a phone call from the Argentine team asking about their whereabouts.

While they initially thought that it was a misunderstanding, they finally understood the request for haircuts after some clarification.

The barbers went to the Fullerton Hotel at 10.30pm and gave haircuts to Guido Rodriguez, Manuel Lanzini, Joaquin Correa and Leondro Parades, according to The Straits Times.

The owner of The Golden Rule Barber Co., Santo Yani told The Straits Times that they were star-struck. Being football fans, they recognised them almost immediately.

"We didn't manage to interact much with them, all they said was, 'Good job and thank you', and they smiled a lot," Yani added.

Photo: Facebook/ The Golden Rule Barber Co.

The barbers gave the haircuts free-of-charge. However, in exchange, they were offered six to seven Argentinian kits, in which one was signed by Di Maria.

While the management forbade the barbers from taking pictures, the team graciously offered to take pictures with them instead before leaving.

With what little they had, the barbers came up with a short video showing their experience.

After all, it's not everyday when you give haircuts to such famous celebrities.

The Argentinian team was in town for a friendly match against Singapore.


Singapore faces one of the world's greatest lineup at the National Stadium

  • The match ended with 6 goals scored against Singapore.
  • Paulo Dybala of Argentina (R) competes for the ball with Hafiz Sujad of Singapore (L).
  • Argentina players celebrating the breakthrough goal after 25 minutes against Singapore.
  • Argentina's Angel Di Maria in action with Singapore's Zulfahmi Arifin.
  • Security checks at the National Stadium for public attending the football match.
  • Barbers from The Golden Rule Barber Co. posing with Argentina winger Angel di Maria and his team-mates after giving several Argentina players a haircut at the Fullerton Hotel.
  • The Argentine team is in town as part of the Football Association of Singapore’s 125th anniversary celebrations.
  • They will face V Sundramoorthy’s Singapore side at the National Stadium.
  • While Messi was originally planned to play in the match, he only stayed in Singapore for 5 hours before flying off again.
  • He will be spending his time with his fiance instead.
  • Argentine's Coach Sampaoli told the media that it would have been "risky" to field Messi against Singapore.
  • However, there are other star players such as Angel Di Maria and Nahuel Guzman.
  • Angel Fabian Dimaria and teammates warm up during a training session at Bishan stadium in Singapore.
  • "We'll approach the game expecting a win," Sampaoli told CNA.
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