Local digital media group comes up with their own NDP song - and people are liking it

Singaporeans may often have differing views regarding various topics, but there's at least one thing they have in common - their high standards for National Day Parade (NDP) theme songs.

Despite this difficult standard all NDP songwriters inevitably face, local digital media group GRVTY Media have stepped up and written a National Day song of their own.

They even attempted to follow all the traditional guidelines a typical NDP song should abide by.

Since the video, titled This City, was uploaded on Facebook less than a week ago, it has managed to garner more than 400 reactions and 350 shares.

Comments and feedback for the song have largely been positive. 

Here is the video for you to judge for yourself.

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Posted by GRVTY Media on Friday, June 2, 2017

The organising comittee for this year's NDP celebrations released the official song some time last month which was blasted mercilessly by some Singaporeans.

For a rough idea of what people are saying about this year's NDP song, this video by Mr Brown should pose as a good example.

Here is this year's NDP theme song, titled Because It's Singapore.

What do you think about the two versions? Let us know in the comments!