Local YouTubers make video parody of #SG50ShadesOfGrey puns

SINGAPORE - Erotic movie "50 Shades Of Grey" made headlines all around the world when it premiered last month.

But the film took Singapore by storm for a very different reason when local Twitter users began posting a series of funny tweets with the hashtag #SG50ShadesofGrey.

Now, local YouTubers cheokboardstudios have gone one step further by producing a video that depicts some of the suggestive situations from the tweets with the hashtag in short vignettes.

One of the vignettes in the video shows a woman, saying in a seductive tone: "I like it thick, black and hot, sometimes up to three times a day."

The scene then pans outwards, revealing that she is actually at a drinks stall ordering a cup of black coffee.

The #SG50ShadesOfGrey hashtag, which simultaneously references the film's name and Singapore's SG50 celebrations, quickly went viral on social media when it first appeared around the time of the film's release last month.

It made international headlines when it was featured by British broadcaster BBC and Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post.

The tweets all start with a seemingly suggestive or erotic premise, before ending with a punchline that references aspects of Singaporean life and culture, such as congestion on the MRT, the haze and local food.

Check out the gallery to see all the "punny" and hilarious situations depicted in the video.