Lorry cleaner held over crank calls to policewomen

INDIA - For the past one year, a lorry cleaner had been making crank calls to the Chennai police control room, often making sexual overtures to female constables.

The police finally decided that enough was enough and arrested T. Paneerselvam, 27, on Friday, Makkal Osai reported.

They said that Paneerselvam made at least 1,200 calls to the police control room, starting from June last year.

During those times, he would usually be with his friend, Suresh, at a liquor shop in Kancheepuram.

He would switch off his telephone immediately after making a call to avoid being caught.

Sometimes, the policewoman who answered the call would transfer the line to a male colleague. Still, that did not deter Paneerselvam.

In fact, he would demand that he be allowed to speak to a policewoman. He would call at random, both at night and during the day.

Police said that Paneerselvam, who made between eight and 15 calls to the control room every day, was "abusive and menacing".

Initially, the officers did not take the calls seriously, believing that Paneerselvam was one of the many people who make prank calls to police. This made Paneerselvam more brave and he made even more calls to the control room.