Loves outdoor learning

Miss Janet Goh, 23, was pursuing a diploma in Aerospace Engineering when she was first exposed to the world of adventure sports.

"I took up rock-climbing back when I was a polytechnic student. I really loved it," she said.

Little did she know that her newfound passion would turn into a full-fledged career within a few years.

"I spent the last two years conducting adventure programmes and courses in outdoor adventure sports such as rock-climbing and abseiling, and helping to train other adventure facilitators who are new to the job.

"With the encouragement of my boss, I then decided that it was time to pursue my degree."

Miss Goh enrolled at Auston Institute of Management (Auston) to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Adventure Facilitation and Education, awarded by the University of Chichester, UK. The course lasts 16 months.

Auston is a private educational institution founded in 1996 that offers internationally recognised degrees, preparing students for careers in a wide range of fields.

It is also the only private educational institution here to offer a degree in the field of adventure facilitation and education.

"My degree focuses a lot on education. I learn how to teach people better, according to the individual's learning style," said Miss Goh.

But an emphasis on educating skills doesn't mean that Miss Goh's own educational experience loses out on the adventure factor.

"We learn how to bring adventure into education. For example, in most schools, a lot of emphasis is placed solely on academics."


"As future educators and facilitators in this industry, we hope to be able to bring more mainstream recognition to adventure sports, and to show how it can benefit people," she said.

While she may be having fun with what she's learning, Miss Goh concedes that juggling her studies with the demands of a full-time job can be tiring, especially since she rock-climbs competitively.

She hopes that all her effort will pay off and the advancement opportunities afforded her by the degree will enable her to scale new heights in her career.

At a glance

Auston Institute of Management is a popular school for its engineering and management programmes. It provides an industry-focused education and is a practical and outcome-based institution that offers top-up degrees to improve the employability and lives of its graduates.

Auston is dedicated to its students' success and places their learning, welfare and workplace ability above all else.

The Auston Difference:

- Individual attention, customised support, unique approach

- Full-time academic faculty who are always ready to help

- Favourable teacher-student ratio

- Social integration across the Southeast Asian region

Auston Institute of Management

Address: 11 Unity Street, 02-20 Robertson Walk, Singapore 237995

Tel: 6334-5900 ext 1 (course enquiries), 8128-5804



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