Loyal TNP readers look out for Bonus prize

SINGAPORE - They walked away with The New Paper Bingo cash prize last year but both Ms Faridah Mohd Noor and Mr Lim Shen Tiong are refusing to rest on their winnings.

Both said they are continuing to push their luck - this time with the newspaper's Bonus Challenge.

Ms Faridah, a 49-year-old senior human resource executive, started playing on Aug 5, the very day the TNP Bonus Challenge started.

"So far, nothing yet. I'm trying very hard to at least win something," she said.

Ms Faridah, who has been reading TNP for the past 25 years, won the snowballed cash prize of $3,000 last November.

She had been circling the numbers every day "for fun" until the morning of Nov 23, when she found the number 29, the last number she needed to win, staring at her.

Speaking to TNP on the phone on Thursday night, Ms Faridah said some of the $3,000 has been spent treating her 14-member family to a meal, and some on Hari Raya.

"The rest still sits in my bank account," she said.


As for Mr Lim, 55, who sells rice dumplings, he has saved all of his Bingo winnings of $5,000 "for a rainy day".

He almost missed out on collecting his jackpot prize on Nov 29 last year, as he had stuck his Bingo card on a calendar at his hawker stall and forgot about it.

"I consider myself very lucky already, having won the $5,000," he said.

Like Ms Faridah, Mr Lim will now try his hand at the Bonus Challenge.

"Who knows, I might win again," said the regular TNP reader since the 1990s.

"I buy The New Paper every day, even when there is no Bingo or Bonus game," he added.

On Wednesday, an avid TNP reader won $7,000 cash - the biggest win so far in the Bonus Challenge.

As there had been no winners on Friday, the daily cash prize of $1,000 has snowballed to $2,000.

How to play

To take part in the contest, pick up a TNP Bonus Challenge Card with every Monday's edition of TNP.

(Back copies of the edition are available at 12 SPH Buzz Pods islandwide.)

Check the numbers on the card against the six numbers published each day from Tuesday to Sunday.

If you match a vertical column of numbers, go to the collection centre at Level 2 of the *Scape mall atrium with the newspaper clippings of the numbers and your Bonus Challenge Card. There, verbally answer the question found at the bottom of the vertical column.

You must claim your prize on the same day you complete the vertical column or it will be forfeited.

A daily prize of $1,000 (which snowballs if there are no winners), an iPad Mini or an Xbox Kinect is up for grabs till Sept 8.

From Sept 9 to Oct 3, there will be $500 to be won daily.

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