Mailbox: Internet job applications not elder-friendly

An area of concern that has received little attention is job application through the Internet.

The current application process significantly lowers the chances of senior citizens applying for jobs in statutory boards and other public sectors.

The current job application system is not user-friendly. Senior citizens or those who are not computer-savvy find it difficult to navigate through the application process.

To apply for these jobs, one has to create an account first, then input a password before he can gain access to the organisations' Internet portals.

Then, one needs to input the user ID and password again for verification before the application is accepted. This creates a lot of inconvenience and confusion to job applicants, especially senior citizens.

Different job applicants use different application methods, and public organisations should tweak their job application processes to better help those who have the experience and capabilities, but are not computer-savvy, to register through their complicated application processes.

More needs to be done to help senior citizens find jobs so that they can have something to do during their twilight years, and the Government, statutory boards and other public organisations should help by simplifying their job application processes and letting people send their applications either through e-mail or by post.

David Kwok Ng Kan

This article was published on April 28 in The Straits Times.

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