Majority of Singapore youth do not lie on social media: Survey

SINGAPORE - While youth here are concerned with how they appear online, most of them will not lie to make themselves look better, according to a survey conducted by Singapore Polytechnic's Diploma in Media and Communication students.

Of the 820 respondents aged between 15 and 35, 83.3 per cent agree that maintaining a positive online image is important. But 89.1 per cent say they would not post false or inaccurate information to portray a better image of themselves on the Internet.

To manage their online image, 60.5 per cent of the respondents say they choose to post positive qualities or accomplishments on their social media platforms.

In addition, 42.7 per cent of those surveyed admit to editing their photos to enhance their physical attractiveness before posting them. 44.1 per cent of them say they would untag or remove unflattering photos or posts.

The survey, conducted via face-to-face street interviews across the island, also revealed that the majority of youth here exercise caution of social media. More than half of them have adjusted their social media privacy settings to withhold information from different groups of people, including family, colleagues and bosses or teachers.