Malaysian jailed for failing to stop at Woodlands checkpoint

SINGAPORE - A Malaysian motorist - the third person to breach security at Woodlands checkpoint in four months - was jailed for eight weeks on Tuesday.

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Man charged with trying to evade immigration clearance

By Walter Sim and Elena Chong The Straits Times

SINGAPORE - A Malaysian motorist was charged yesterday with trying to evade immigration clearance at Woodlands Checkpoint on Sunday by tailgating a car.

The latest case is the third reported attempt at breaching the checkpoint this year.

The cases were raised in Parliament yesterday, as Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean sought to assure members of the House that the Government is committed to ensuring the security of Singapore's borders.

Among measures that have been introduced are daily inspections of the security barriers.

A "cat claw" barrier failed to stop Tan Chu Seng, 64, from driving through it last month, sparking a five-hour manhunt.

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