Malaysian man berates S'pore couple for parking in handicap lot even after they apologise repeatedly

A video circulating online shows a Malaysian man berating a Singaporean couple for parking their car in a handicap lot even though they had repeatedly apologised.

The couple without a doubt violated traffic rules by parking on a lot designated for the disabled, but netizens have questioned whether is was right for the man to confront them.

The video uploaded on All Singapore Stuff first shows the Singaporean couple trying to explain to the Malaysian man why they parked their car in the handicap lot.

The man, however, refused to listen to their explanation and continued to chide them for their actions.

He asked the couple angrily: "In Singapore you all do this or not? I thought Singaporeans were very courteous and follow rules.

"As soon as you pass the Causeway you can break the rules is it?"

The man did not stop even after the Singaporean couple repeatedly apologised for their actions mid-way through the video.

"I am sick and tired of irresponsible people like you all.

"Yes, now you say you are very sorry and you are apologise because I am here, a big tall man shouting at you. You are scared and you don't know what to say," said the man after listening to the couple's apologies.

The video ends with the man and the couple discussing how the matter should be resolved.

Some netizens have lauded the Malaysian man's actions for a job well done.

Others, however, questioned whether it was right of him to continuously scold the couple even though they had already apologised.

There have been many incidents of Malaysians parking illegally in Singapore as well as Malaysia which brings up the question of whether the man berated the couple just because they are Singaporean.

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