Malaysian man killed over $40

The elderly man was alone at home when a man came to his house to collect money from his son.

But after being allegedly attacked by the Indonesian man, Mr Kow Sin, 74, ended up dead with head wounds.

The suspect had arrived at Mr Kow's house in Kampung Baru Semenyih in Selangor, Malaysia, on Wednesday, reported The Star.

He was apparently there to collect RM100 (S$40) from Mr Kow's son, Tein Fook.

The Indonesian, said to be in his 30s, was believed to be Mr Tein's employee and had been working for him for less than a week.

Mr Tein, 34, had reportedly paid him his wages two days before, but the amount paid was short of RM100.

He was not in when the man went to the house to collect the money.


Mr Tein, who is Mr Kow's ninth child, told local newspapers that when he returned home at about 1.30pm, he found his father lying unconscious in the living room with wounds on his head.

Mr Kow, who lived in the house with his wife and son, was rushed to a hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival at about 7.30pm.

Mr Tein suspects that one of the foreign workers, whom he had recently employed, had attacked his father, reported the New Straits Times.

The suspect's Indonesian housemate was arrested on the same night to assist in investigations.

The housemate, who was also working for Mr Tein, had recommended the suspect for employment.

The housemate is also under investigation for immigration offences.

A blood-stained chair was retrieved from Mr Tein's house.

The case has been classified as murder.

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