Male biker turns throttle on woman's motorcycle causing her to lose control and crash into car

PHOTO: Stomp

A couple of motorcyclists were playing with each other's bikes when suddenly, one of them lost control of their motorcycle and crashed into a car.

Stomp contributor Raxton shared a video his friend had filmed from the rearview camera of his car.

In the video, a male and female motorcyclist are seen side by side waiting at a traffic junction behind Raxton's friend's car.

The woman reaches over and twists her companion's left motorcycle handle while laughing.

Shortly after, the man reaches over and does the same thing to her bike, but on the right side where the throttle is.

This causes her bike to lurch forward and hit the car in front.

She loses balance and has to get off her bike while the two of them are seen struggling to lift the bike to an upright position.

The video ends after the driver and his passenger exit the car to see what happened.

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