Man, 53, gets free smooch from babes at Raffles Place kissing booth

Better late than never.

Mr Low Kian Hua is 53 years old, but he only experienced the "best day of his life" at the Valentine Vendetta's Free Kissing Booth at Raffles Place yesterday.

Seven members of the all-female local nightlife collective known as Forte - a group of singers, dancers and DJs who perform regularly at f.Club Singapore - gave free kisses at the hour-long event to promote the annual singles' party Valentine Vendetta 2015. This event will take place on Feb 14 at f.Club Singapore.

Mr Low, who has been working at the nearby One Raffles Place for 13 years, smiled sheepishly as he approached the booth. Forte members Carlers and Violin, both 21, leaned in to give him a peck on his cheeks.

Mr Low then asked the pair if he could have another one on his lips, but he did not get it.

His equally senior friends, who are also cleaners at the nearby office buildings, were spotted cheering him on at the sidelines.

One of them, Mr Tay Siong Boon, 59, told The New Paper in Mandarin: "He's very brash and often does things without thinking, but we applaud him for his bravery."

Mr Low, who is married, added in Mandarin: "I'm so happy that at my age, I could receive a kiss from such beautiful women. It was the first time in a long while."

Another cleaner, Madam Tew Kai Hai, 74, also wanted to get in on the fun.

Statuesque Forte member Violin, 21, had to bend down to give the petite and hunched woman, who works at Chevron House, her kiss.

"I'm doing this all in good fun. It's wonderful to receive affection from someone else, isn't it?" said Madam Tew in Mandarin.


When asked if she thought the Forte girls looked good, she joked: "Of course they were gorgeous. They were almost as pretty as me when I was young."

The event drew some 500 participants, most of whom work in the vicinity.

Underwriter assistant Roderick Chew, 25, was one of the first to jump at the chance when the booth opened at 12.30pm.

He said it was embarrassing to be kissed by a stranger in public, but added that it was awesome as the girls were pretty.

As he thinks body art is attractive, his favourite is Carlers, who sports tattoos on her left shoulder.

Other participants, like Mr Parteek, 31, who works in the banking industry, were cheekier.

Even though he is married, he welcomed the smooches.

He said: "Kissing is an expression of love. We shouldn't be afraid of spreading love around."

When asked if he was worried his wife would object, Mr Parteek said: "I don't think she'll find out.

"She doesn't really watch television or read the news."

This article was first published on February 6, 2015.
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