Man allegedly posed as NGO staff to molest two women

SINGAPORE - Police have arrested a 25-year-old man who allegedly posed as a representative of a non-profit organisation and molested two women.

The two female victims reported to the police that the man had posed as a representative of a non-profit organisation and asked them for assistance. After they had agreed to help him, he molested them.

The first incident occured at an educational institution along Clementi Road, according to the police report made on March 23. The second police report was made on March 25.

Police officers conducted extensive enquiries and viewed CCTV footage. They managed to identify the suspect and arrested him on March 31.

The accused will be charged on August 18 for 2 Counts of Outrage of Modesty. The offence of Outrage of Modesty, under Section 354(1) of the Penal Code, Chapter 224, carries imprisonment which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with caning, or with any combinations of such punishment.

The Police would like to advise the public that when approached by persons claiming to be from an organisation, they should verify their identities by checking their credentials or through contacting the organisation.

Victims should raise the alarm by shouting for help immediately to attract attention or seeking help from passers-by. Victims should also take note of the culprit's physical description and call the police as soon as possible. The following are some precautions from the police that women can take to minimise the risks of becoming a victim:

a. Be wary of strangers who approach you;

b. Stay close to your friends or move around in groups when in crowded places;

c. Be aware and alert of your surroundings. If someone stands exceptionally close to you, or if you suspect that you are being followed, remain calm and proceed to a crowded area or call the Police for assistance;

d. Avoid taking short-cuts through dark and deserted places. Keep to well-lit areas where there are more people and traffic;

e. Do not enter the lift with a stranger. Let the stranger take the lift and wait for the next one;

f. Where possible, do not nap whilst travelling on public transport;

g. When coming home late at night, get someone to escort you home; and

h. If you are molested, immediately shout for help or activate your shrill alarm. Take note of the description of the culprit, the direction and mode of escape taken by the culprit. Call "999" as soon as it is safe to do so.