Man arrested after allegedly trying to break into Yishun flat twice

PHOTO: Facebook/Mollly Molina

A netizen has taken to Facebook to share how her flat at Yishun Street 124 was almost broken into two times yesterday (Oct 26) at around 5.20am by a 29-year-old man who was believed to be drunk.

In the post, the netizen, Mollly Molina, said that she was first woken up by a loud bang and "the sound of the window mesh grating against metal".

Initially, she thought that it was her cat trying to squeeze itself out of the window.

Upon investigation, she saw a figure "fumbling" outside her unit.

As she was still groggy at that point, she did not suspect anything was amiss and said "hi" to the man, who ran off subsequently.

"He got stunned and ran away to the staircase. I went closer to the window and realised that holy s***, a man just broke 2 bars of the window grilles! So I ran to wake my husband up and called the cops."

The man, however, returned moments later and apparently tried to enter the house a second time.

Molly continued: "Right after the call, we heard footsteps approaching our door. So I went to the peephole and saw the man (fair skinned, tall and wearing dark coloured long sleeves and pants) trying to push on the common room's window this time.

"So my husband opened the main door. The man got shocked and ran away again. By this time, I have armed myself with a long kitchen knife, and my husband with a hammer."

Things did not end there for the couple, as the man came back once again. This time, he did not try to enter the house but loitered outside the House Development Board unit, said the netizen.

Police officers then arrived and arrested the man.

Said a police spokesman in response to a Stomp query: "On Oct 26, 2017, at 5.25am, police were alerted to a case of attempted housebreaking by night at Block 124 Yishun Street 11.

"A 29-year-old man was arrested in relation to the case.

"Police investigations are ongoing."

Molly said that the man broke a small shoe shelf the family kept outside, possibly when he was trying to climb in through the window.

She, however, was thankful that her child was not affected by what had happened.

"The whole ordeal lasted about 2.5 hours. It really shook me and I was still shaking (in fear and anger) hours after that. I couldn't imagine what would have happened had he managed to get in. Luckily, my 2-year-old boy slept peacefully throughout," the netizen wrote.

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