Man arrested for flinging chairs onto road in Bedok

A man was arrested on Tuesday morning, Jan 28, 2014, for holding up traffic by throwing chairs from a restaurant onto Bedok Road. 

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Here is the full post from STOMP:

A man was seen throwing chairs and other large objects onto a road, stopping traffic. The incident happened at about 5.25am today.

Stomper Lee, who was at the scene of the incident, says the Caucasian man took numerous chairs, flower pots and other objects from New Hawa Restaurant located along Bedok Road and threw them onto the road, right into the path of traffic waiting at the road junction.

Lee wrote: "A man was throwing chairs to block the road. This happened at about 5.25am."

According to Lee, the man was also behaving aggressively towards the crowd of onlookers who had appeared to observe the scene.

"He was very defiant towards the crowd of onlookers and showed aggressive behaviour", explained Lee.

He added, "I made a call to our police and within five minutes a police car arrived and the man was arrested without much resistance."

Lee and several other members of the public then set about the task of clearing the road so traffic could flow once more.


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